The Beauty of Clouds


I'm thinking of starting a new project that will only deal with clouds. That's it, no land forms, no seascapes, no wild life. Just water vapor and air.

Almost every day here in Hawaii the sky presents  a new look. It is never the same. Kind of like fingerprints of people; no two clouds are ever alike.

My grandfather was always into taking photos of cloud formations in Oklahoma--especially the big thunderheads the would menace the afternoon and evening skies. He mainly shot Kodachrome and we would sit down monthly for the big slide show after dinner. It was a real treat. 

Something that is fascinating here is the many layers of different types of clouds at various altitudes. You can see low stratus below cumulus below alto cumulus below cirrus. And they can be moving different directions at different speeds.

I have a goal of one year for this project and I plan to produce a book at the end of it. 

Keep checking back for cloud updates!