A Life Influenced by the Outdoors

Nature is my art, and travel is my nature. In particular, my focus is Hawaii, where I live half of every year (I have been known to dabble on far-flung places of the planet also). I grew up a mountain boy in Colorado and migrated up the Rocky Mountain range in the early 70s to study fine-art photography in Banff, Canada. Shot 4x5, learned the Zone System and how to make dye-transfer color prints (I really miss that level of craftsmanship, not to mention hours of darkness and the bouquet of fresh photographic chemistry).

Flash forward forty years by way of a photojournalism degree at Mizzou, and a career that started in graphic design and ended in computer information architecture and I find myself going back to my roots in nature and landscape photography.

A lot has changed since then, no more darkness, smelly stop bath and fixer.

What hasn't changed is my vision or approach to sharing the earthly narrative. 

I'm passionate about exploring the fine details of nature that most folks might take for granted whether it be a common forest floor, a little-known bird or a vista you can't see from the highway.

I also believe we must take extreme care in preserving this creation and wholeheartedly support conservation efforts in my state and elsewhere.